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Darkseid – God of Evil and the undisputed Lord of the planet Apokolips!

Darkseid – Lord of Apokolips

First Appearance: Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen #134 (December 1970)

Status: Villain

Real Name: Uxas

Occupation: Tyrant/ World Conqueror

Base: Apokolips

Apokolips: Born out of the cataclysm that claimed the old gods, a perpetually burning world.
Zack Snyder’s Justice League (4K UHD) (2-Disc)

Planet Apokolips

Darkseid is utterly ruthless, unforgiving planetary overlord who rules underlining’s by fear, immensely strong and apparently invulnerable, eyes project omega beams, powerful rays that incinerate, annihilate or transport beings.

Darkseid’s Elite Team

Justice League: Their Greatest Triumphs

Darkseid is the gravest threat to life in the DC Universe, representing all that is vile and corrupt. In the wake of the old gods dying, a race of NEW GODS was born, split between two planets, bright New Genesis and smoldering Apokolips, who were continually at war with each other.

Darkseid & The High Father (New Gods)

On Apokolips, Queen Heggra and her own son Uxas Plotted and schemed against each other, one determined to retain power, the other seeking it. Uxas’s drive for control resulted in his brother Drax’s death. Uxas then evolved into the creature known as Darkseid.

Queen Heggra, Uxas(Darkseid) and Drax

Against Heggra’s wisher, Darkseid secretly married the sorceress Suh, and they had a son named Kalibak. Suli was murdered, at Heggra’s command by the torturer DESAAD and then Heggra then ordered her son to marry TIGRA, with whom he had a son, ORION…

Darkseid and Suli (First Wife)

To settle the war between New Genesis and Apokolips, a peace treaty was signed known as the “The Pact” wherein the ruling gods of Apokolips and New Genesis give one another their sons to be raised by the other. The New Genesis ruler HIGHFATHER raise Orion as his own. Darkseid had Scott Free (Mister Miracle) raised by GRANNY GOODNESS at her brutal orphanage.
Justice League: The Darkseid War (DC Essential Edition)

The HighFather, Granny Goodness and Darkseid

Martian philosophy led Darkseid to conceptualize the “Anti-Life Equation” as the object of his quest for power, and agents of Apokolips attacked Mars. Later, Darkseid turned his sights on Earth. Despite frequent setbacks, Darkseid continued his conquest of the Universe, although he was frequently being opposed by his own son, Orion.

Darkseids Son ORION

Darkseid failed to recruit SUPERGIRL into his FEMALE FURIES and suffered the wrath of superman who imprisoned him in the Source Wall for a time. The experience temporarily drained Darkseid of his Omega Effect, but despite the return of his abilities he remained unable to prevent the death of the New Gods and the end of the Fourth World.

‘Superman and Darkseid

Key Storyline:

  • JACK KIRBY’s NEW GODS (1997)

The initial storyline introducing Darkseid and his quest for the “Anti-Life Equation” plus a glimpse into the horror that is Apokolips.

  • LEGENDS (1987):

Darkseid attempts to besmirch the reputation of Earths Defender, bringing down te heroes to make Earth an easier planet to pillage.

  • COSMIC ODYSSEY (2003): Darkseid thinks he has found the “Anti-Life Equation” and will destroy entire planets to obtain it. However, he finds himself opposed by High Father’s handpicked champions – Superman, Orion, Batman , Green Lantern and Bug.

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